The Benefits Of A Marketing Strategy To Build Your Surgery Practice


For many surgeons, marketing is the last thing on their mind. They are usually more focused on providing patient care than in advertising their practice with a marketing campaign. Most medical practices use marketing to attract new patients or to advertise a new service or specialty, such as plastic surgery or LASIK.

The truth is that marketing is any type of activity that takes your practice in the desired direction. These directions may include retaining your market share, attracting new patients, increasing income, deterring competitors, recruiting new providers or introducing new services.

Many of the activities you do within your practice that are considered good management fall within marketing. These include patient relations, strategic planning, recall systems, practice acquisition, and contracting with insurance plans.

Even a surgical practice needs a marketing plan. It is important to develop both one-year and five-year marketing plans and then write them down. The plans should be realistic as well as challenging. Each step should be specific and clearly defined. The plan and goals should be measurable and the plans should be time-sensitive.

Another important step to improve your marketing is to ensure your recall system is up to date and being used efficiently. Do an audit and review your clinical recall compliance.

Most of the time, you’ll need to figure out who to hire to do this for you. After all, you are a surgeon, not a marketing expert.

Should you hire a company like Or another option such as

Do you employ or market to other surgeons or medical providers?  If so, you will want to develop a marketing strategy to reach others providers and increase their referral rates to your practice.

Remember that your patients are busy. Scheduling is one of the most important functions in your practice. Develop goals to see referrals and new patients as soon as possible, preferably within a week. Also, work hard to see patients on time so they do not have to wait. Always use the patient’s name and try and engage them in conversation.

Your surgical practice can benefit from a good plan. The right strategies can help build your practice by increasing income and attract new patients.

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Types of plastic surgery

cosmetic surgery

There are large numbers of people not happy with their body when they see in the mirror. There were over 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries and invasive cosmetic procedures about 8.4 million. There are different types of plastic surgery is done by cosmetic surgeons.


It is the removal of fat accumulation availing a tube placed beneath the skin, fat deposits is sucked out availing a vacuum like equipment. The treatment is always done on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, hips and upper arms. Recovery time for this treatment range from 1 to 4 weeks but may also need six months for the swelling to get reduced. The fess for this treatment is about 2,300 dollars.

liposuction results


It is usually known as nose job. This procedure is about reshaping of the nose to create it smaller or bigger, or to alter the angle between the upper lip and nose. This procedure is famous with male and female. People usually require seven days to twenty one days to recover, but the patients are recommended to avoid bumping the noses or getting the nose sunburned for forty two days. The fee for rhinoplasty which is charged by the surgeons is about 3, 500 dollars.

Breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation is also called as augmentation mammaplasty, is the making bigger of a breasts availing silicone or saline filled implants. It is the most top cosmetic surgery treatment among females. The surgery needs women to take rest for few days to recover. Doctor’s fee for this procedure is about 3,400 dollars. It creates sense that breast augmentation and liposuction would be first at the list of most general plastic surgeries.

There are a couple specific locations that are valuable for breast augmentation:

There isn’t always a happy ending though:

Eyelid surgery:

It is also called as blepharoplasty; Eye bags and dropping the upper lids are rectified by eliminating additional fat, skin and muscle. Women enhance the peppers more frequently than men. Patients require seven days to ten days to recover, but people who wear contacts lens require fourteen days or more prior they use the lenses. Even the treatment does not develop the sight; the eyes will appear better after getting the treatment by spending 2,500 dollars for the procedure.

Tummy tuck:

Beer guts may be highly related with men, but females receive lot of abdominoplasty procedures. Human abdomen is flattened at the time of surgery when additional fat and skin are eliminated and abdominal muscles are tightened. Patients require fourteen days forty two days of recovery time but the purse will possibly require longer refilling the 4, 400 dollars in surgeon’s fees.


Is anything really being raised? Not actually, but additional fat is eliminated and surgeons tighten the muscles prior the skin is re-draped. Facelift is easier than other procedures. A face lift is a procedure of tightening the skin on the neck and face. It needs 10 days to 21 days to recover but exposure to sun should be restricted for several months. The face will be tighter and you have to pay about 4,500 dollars to get this treatment.There are various kinds of surgeries available, but it is important to check whether you really need the procedure. Consult your doctor whether it offers any side effects, consider about your age, health condition before you get the treatment.